Barbarian Assault in Old School RuneScape

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Have you been looking to do Barbarian Assault in Old School RuneScape?  Need to get that torso but not sure what to do?  Well here’s a guide to help you get out there and get started.

This guide was originally written by NephalSlayer, a friend of mine from our clan Renaissance.  He wrote this guide for Barbarian Assault back in 2007 for a clan that we were in at the time.

Old School RuneScape Barbarian Assault Guide

Recommended gear:

Barbarian Assault Gear
(click to enlarge)


Helm: Neitiznot Helm > Warrior/Berserker Helm > Any other helm
Cape: none (You can’t wear a cape at Barbarian Assault)
Ammy: Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Any other melee amulet
Arrows: none
Weapon: Dragon Scimitar (DO NOT use a whip because you need to have all attack styles for Barbarian Assault)
Body: Fighter Torso (only if you are attacking) > Any Barrows Melee Body > Dragon Chain > Rune Plate
Shield: Rune Defender (only if you are attacking) > Dragonfire Shield > Dragon Square > Obsidian Shield > Granite Shield > Rune Kite
Legs: Any Barrows Melee Legs > Dragon Legs/Skirt > Rune Legs/Skirt
Gloves: Best Culinaromancer gloves you have, if you don’t have mith+, get a combat bracelet.
Boots: Rune Boots > Climbing Boots
Ring: Any Fremmenik (ranger, warrior, or berserker are best unless you have high magic and want to attack with it)
Inventory: Dragon Dagger(s)/Dragon Longsword/Dragon Mace (use for specs)

Starting Out

So, here we are, the tutorial for Barbarian Assault. You MUST go through the entire thing to play Barbarian Assault. A few people pay attention through this, but most like to just go through it as fast as they can and get on with the game. Talk to Captain Cain (don’t right-click and choose tutorial, it won’t work) and go through the tutorial. head on down the ladder, and now you have a choice.

Barbarian Assault is split into 11 rooms, 10 are numbered, one just has a big fat arrow in it. The arrow room is a “quick-start” type room. you can go in this room no matter what wave you are on, and choose your role, or choose to be any role. once there is at least one attacker, defender, collector, and healer in the room, plus one extra person of any role, wave 1 will start.

If you wish to start on a chosen team, go all the way to the end, take a left, and enter room 1. You can now either take a scroll from the table and make your own team, or join someone else’s. To make a team, take a scroll from the table, set the role you wish on it, then use it on other players to add them. when you have 5 players on your scroll, enter through the ladder. Get either 2 attackers, 2 healers or 2 defenders. At wave 7+ you should have 2 healers, unless your healer is level 5.

To join someone else’s team, say your role and wait for someone to use their scroll on you. You will get a screen somewhat like this:

(click to enlarge)

Select the role you wish to be then click accept. if a role is darkened, there are already enough people in that role, and you cannot be that role for this game of Barbarian Assault.

In Game

(click to enlarge)

General(in any role):

On the top-right corner of your game screen, you will see your current wave, what action to do, what to call on your horn, and who you’re calling for. this action to do will not show up if whoever is calling for you does not call, so make sure you call ASAP after it changes. You will be able to see what role everyone is by the little ring around them. The horn of glory shows you a list of everyone’s role and what action they should make, this way you can call for everyone in case someone is not calling. The egg launcher shoots explosive, poison, and stun eggs. Explosive eggs will deal 3 damage. Poison deal 1 damage. Stun eggs stop the targeted penance from moving or doing anything, as well as making it so you are unable to do anything to them besides shoot eggs at them, so don’t use stun.


(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

Honour points are awarded after each game according to how well everyone does their job. When you do something incorrect or badly you will lose points, but you can only lose up to 10 points for each thing.

When you score points or lose points it will affect your whole team. So if you gain 4 points, your whole team gains 4 points, and you gain 4 points on top of that. Individual scoring is explained after each role.

Attacker Role

When the wave begins, call for the collector, then run north. Set your attack once the collector calls, then use your specs on the fighters or the rangers. Make sure to always be watching your action icon for when it changes, and if your collector isn’t calling, just wait until he does. This will mean up to 20 extra points for you, and up to 10 for your team. If you do an incorrect attack, you will take 2 damage as well as costing your team points. Max lost points is 10, which means your whole team loses 10 points and you lose 10 points on top of that, so you lose 20. After you finish all your penance I’d suggest going to glory horn just so whoever needs to finish gets their calls quickly. You can also go to egg launcher, but only use eggs on runners, as it doesn’t even help on anything else.

Scoring for Attacker

Incorrect attacks make you lose points, the first doesn’t make you lose a point, but all others will, up to -10 pts.
Fighters killed give you points, one less than amount killed is points gained. So 5 killed = 4 pts, 8 killed = 7 pts
Rangers killed give you points, same as fighters killed
Nothing else affects points.

Collector Role

When the wave begins, call for the attacker, then run north. Wait until the action changes before you pick up eggs, because sometimes by the time you get to an egg it will change, and explode on you. Collector is very easy, just try and get the right eggs every time. The more eggs you collect the more points you get. If you are full on eggs, just destroy some, starting with blue eggs, then green, then red. You can get lots more points if you just get rid of some eggs. Collect until there are no eggs or until the wave is done, don’t forget to refill the egg hopper though!

Scoring for Collector
You get points by eggs collected. Making an egg explode is like picking up a negative egg. You get 1 point for every 5 eggs collected, so if you collect 20, that’s 4 points for the team and 4 points for you, so 8 points for you that you wouldn’t get if you did nothing.

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Defender Role

This is a more challenging role, and can be quite annoying. When the wave begins, call for the healer, then click the Defender Item Machine. Run north, to the west (left) of the hill with launcher on it, then drop the bait just a bit above it, and over at the trap to the east of the hill. After you’ve gotten rid of some bait, go grab a hammer and log from the respawn in the middle northern part of the room. For wave 1, you don’t need hammer and logs, but you will need logs when there are more runners. Use the logs to fix the trap after it has been broken by runners. If all else fails, you can use eggs to kill your runners. Don’t use eggs on anything else though.

Scoring for Defender
Runners killed give points.
Runners that get away and go through the cave give -3 points. so, it only takes 4 runners getting through for you to lose the max of 10 points.

Healer Role

The healer role is a very important role, and you must be on top of things. When the wave starts, call for the defender, then click the healer item machine, then use the healing vial with the pool, and run north. Use the correct poison packs with healers (use 1 on each) and heal players when they get low health. At level 1, you heal 10 hitpoints, level 2 you heal 15, 3=20, 4=25, and 5 = 35. Depending on your healer level, you should heal them as they get lower, at level 1 just heal them as much as you can, but by level 5 you can wait til they get pretty low to heal them.

Scoring for Healer

Healers killed give points, one less point than healers killed, same as fighters and rangers.
You also get points for however many hitpoints you heal during the game.


“What can I get for playing Barbarian Assault?”, you ask.  Well, there are all kinds of nifty items you can get to help with combat and with reducing your weight, which allows you run for longer periods of time.

Level 2 in a role: 200 points in said role
increases your skill in said role

Level 3 in a role: 300 points in said role
increases your skill in said role

Level 4 in a role: 400 points in said role
increases your skill in said role

Level 5 in a role: 500 points in said role
increases your skill in said role

Fighter Hat: 275 points in all roles and kill the queen at least once.
req. 45 def

Ranger Hat: 275 points in all roles and kill the queen at least once.
req. 45 def

Healer Hat: 275 points in all roles and kill the queen at least once.
req. 45 def
some people say this looks like a p33n0r on your head.

Runner Hat: 275 points in all roles and kill the queen at least once.
req. 45 def

Fighter Torso: 375 points in all roles and kill the queen at least once.
req. 40 def
give +4 strength

Penance Skirt: 375 points in all roles and kill the queen at least once.
req. 40 def
gives better range bonus than any wieldable legs when under 70 range.

Penance boots: 100 points in each role
req. 40 def

Penance Gloves: 150 points in each role
req. 40 def
lowers your weight by 4kg.

Granite Body: 95k GP and kill the queen at least once.
req. 50 def
gives higher defence bonuses than rune plate and isn’t expensive

Gamble Low: 200 points in any role
get a random item

Gamble Medium: 400 points in any role
get a random item

Gamble High: 500 points in any role and kill queen at least once.
get a random item, with extreme luck, you can get a dragon chain!


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